Circulation Control

60 capsules

Natural supplement for blood circulation problems usually caused by hearth problems, overweight, bad nutrition, cholesterol, smoking, excess of alcohol or genetics.


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CIRCULATION CONTROL is our natural treatment for those who have blood circulation problems, mostly caused by heart disease, overweight, poor diet, cholesterol, cigarette, excess alcohol, or genetic.

Evidences of a bad circulation are usually manifested through feet and hands inflammation (swelling), cooling of these limbs, bluish discoloration on the tips of the fingers, lips and feet, brittle hair and nails, wounds and dryness in legs, ankles and feet, onset of varicose veins (including hemorrhoids), permanent tiredness, lack of memory and sexual problems.


  • Increases the tonicity of veins and arteries, as well as widens and strengthens the capillaries. These features given by Circulation Control, promote the following:
    • The efficient transfer of oxygen and nutrients throughout the body, through the blood, giving us vitality and a better functioning of all our organs, primarily the brain.
    • The reduction of veins and capillaries inflammation, helping varicose veins and avoiding the risk of breakage.
    • The disappearance of cramps and normalization of our temperature.
    • A better look of our skin, hair and nails.

Ingredients: Diosmine 300 mg.

Dosage suggested: Take two (2) capsules daily: one in the morning and one at night for periods of 2 or 3 months. The dosage can be increased in case of internal hemorrhoids or any other specific problem, according to your medical prescription.

Precautions: Do not mix with Warfarina or other anticoagulant



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