Inmune Control

90 capsules

Powerful supplement made with flaxseed, green tea, pine bark, noni, echinacea, cat’s claw, beta carotene and vitamins E, C, zinc and selenium, to maximize body defenses.


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A natural formula created to maximize the defenses of our body against viruses, bacteria and any other infectious organisms.

IMMUNE CONTROL helps combat the following main viral and bacterial diseases:

  • Viral: common cold, flu, warts, HIV / AIDS, Ebola, viral gastroenteritis, etc.
  • Bacterial: gastritis and ulcers, food poisonings, meningitis, sexually transmitted diseases, skin infections, boils, abscesses, pneumonias and ear and throat infections and any other infectious organism.

IMMUNE CONTROL also protects us from autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, lupus and myositis (inflammation of muscle tissue). Additionally, due to its composition, strengthens us and improves our health at a general level.

Main benefits of IMMUNE CONTROL:

  • Stimulates production of T cells (T lymphocytes), which are formed in the bone marrow (from the stem cells) to protect us from the mentioned infections and preventing that any of them develop cancer.
  • It also promotes the production of the interferon substance, which is responsible for preventing multiplication of cancer cells and to improve the natural response of our body against diseases.
  • Promotes the proper functioning of our immune system, moving away or fighting autoimmune diseases (rheumatoid arthritis, lupus and myositis).
  • It turns out to be our best natural ally to avoid heavy flu, colds and other viral diseases, as well as bacterial or autoimmune (indicated above).
  • Reduces the risks of developing cancer.
  • Optimizes our health and strengthens us to avoid or face better any disease.

Ingredients: flaxseed, green tea, pine bark, noni, echinacea, cat’s claw, beta carotene and vitamins E, C and selenium.

Dosage suggested: Take two (2) capsules daily: one in the morning and one at night, for periods of 3 months, minimum.



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