Liver Control

60 capsules

Effective formulation based on milk thistle, artichoke, green tea, choline, papaya fruit and aloe vera, acting together to give the maximum individual and collective benefits for your liver.


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LIVER CONTROL, a natural formula created to prevent and treat liver conditions, such as fatty liver (caused by excessive intake of alcohol, cholesterol, triglycerides and obesity), viral hepatitis, alcoholic hepatitis, all kind of inflammations, cirrhosis, liver failure and other related diseases.

With LIVER CONTROL, we protect our liver and its important and vital functions related to digestion, metabolism, detoxification, storage of nutrients, various proteins production for blood plasma and strengthening of immune system.

Main benefits of LIVER CONTROL:

  • Helps reduce liver inflammation, due to viral infections (hepatitis) or due to excess alcohol, drugs, chemicals and fats. In this way, we avoid major damages such as cirrhosis and liver failure.
  • Stimulates liver regeneration, recovering faster from diseases.
  • Contributes to a better cholesterol breakdown, it means, liver takes what body needs and remove the excess. In this way, we are avoiding or fighting against arteriosclerosis, hypertension and cholesterol problems.
  • Improves digestion thanks to good biliary function that is responsible for eliminating fats and harmful substances from our body. It makes we protect our stomach.
  • It encourages our liver to perform a good detoxification of our blood, protecting our body from toxins and other wastes.
  • Strengthens our immune system thanks to the greater elimination of toxins and harmful substances, as well as to the better assimilation of nutrients.
  • Improves our skin and hair appearance.
  • Promotes a good neurological functioning, stimulating our memory and helping to treat Alzheimer’s.

Ingredients: milk thistle, artichoke, green tea, choline, papaya fruit and aloe vera.

Dosage suggested: Take two (2) capsules daily: one in the morning and one in the evening.

Precautions or suggestions: Avoid in cases of pregnancy or lactation, unless medical approval. In case of delicate health conditions, ask your doctor.



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